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Pastoral Care

As a community, pastoral care is of critical importance at our school. At Nepean Christian School every child is known by their name. We are large enough to cater for a wide range of personalities but small enough to care for each person.

We believe that as children are made in the image of God, their worth is inestimable. Our strong desire is for children to grow into maturity, nurtured and cared for by the school community. However, we also acknowledge that we live in a broken and fallen world, where hurt, sadness, and unfairness exists. Children will experience all the challenges of growing up. Our role as a school is not to remove challenges but to equip them with grace, resilience and generosity of spirit. Such things flow out of a life in Christ.

Pastoral care is nurtured through the close relationship between parents and teachers. Parents refer to teachers by their first name and have direct email contact. Effective and regular communication between home and school is the nexus of that relationship. We encourage parents to be at school, talking to staff and keeping them informed about individual needs.

In primary school, the classroom teacher is the main point of contact. Each teacher understands the importance of close relationships and works to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

In high school, where there are multiple teachers, students belong to pastoral care groups, called Impact Groups. These are small groups of 7-8 similar age and gender students, where issues of school, life and faith are discussed. It also forms the backbone of a social group where students undertake sporting activities, service and have food days.

The school also has a welfare team that works with the Support department for learning needs and the school counsellor and chaplain for emotional needs. Counselling services can be accessed at school and for ongoing mental health and other related issues, students can be referred to appropriate health professionals.

At the heart of these services remains the close relationship between the family and the school. Our job will always be to support parents. The result is a safe, and caring community for all students. Most importantly, we are committed to ensure that at Nepean Christian School, no child will ever ‘fall through the cracks’.