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Infants (K – 2)

Infants (K – 2)
Explore and Discover

Beginning school is an enormous adventure for students and parents alike. It is important that those early years are built on a Christian foundation.

Foundations for lifelong learning

Our infants program builds upon young children’s natural curiosity and innate love of learning. By stimulating their curiosity and imagination, children begin to build solid foundations for lifelong learning. They discover and explore the wondrous and wonderful world God has created. Children begin to see their community and others in their classroom as part of God’s family, learning to be kind, generous-hearted and forgiving in their friendships as they grow together.

Teacher-student ratios

Supporting numeracy and literacy is of critical importance to laying a strong learning foundation. For this reason we cap class size at 24 (our average class size is around 20 students). Classes frequently include teacher’s aides and parent helpers. We aim to give as much one-to-one contact between teachers and students.

Learning support and extension

All our programs are built out of respect for and understanding of students different rates of development. They will be supported and extended where necessary.

In addition to the normal program, students also have access to specialist music lessons and also begin learning French.

Excursions and camps

A variety of camps and excursions support our students learning.

Featherdale Farm
Museum of Fire
Year 1
Japanese Gardens
Calmsley Hill Farm
Year 2
Aussie Bush Sleepover
Long Neck Lagoon
Sydney Aquarium
All K-2 Students
Athletics Carnival
Cross Country
Book Parade

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