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Senior College (11 – 12)

Year 11 – 12
Senior College Program

The Senior College Program is designed to equip students to be lifelong learners, leaders within the school and beyond, who have the willingness and capability to serve, all firmly under the framework of Christian faith.


All students are expected to work to the best of their ability, recognising that each student is different and has unique goals and aspirations.

Senior tutor: The school has a full time senior tutor whose role it is to assist with learning and accountability. The senior tutor helps students with goal-setting, accountability, study techniques, breaking down assessment tasks, research skills and even learning elements such as note-taking and essay writing. They are available through the library.

Mentors: Each student has an individual teacher mentor who meets every week with students to ensure they are keeping up with their work and meeting expectations.


All senior students at Nepean Christian School are regarded as leaders and in preparation for leadership beyond school. All students therefore take part in the leadership program that aims to equip students in:

  • Public speaking
  • Social justice advocacy
  • Political awareness
  • Business ethics
  • Communication of faith


Students engage with a comprehensive service program designed to equip students to be able to serve with compassion and competence in their local community and internationally. All senior students participate in both personal service and a team-based service project. The pinnacle of Nepean’s service program is a week-long trip to Port Vila, Vanuatu. Students learn from and with the people of Vanuatu, particularly in local schools.

Subjects and compressed curriculum

One of the distinctive features of our school is our blended model of learning in Years 11 and 12. Not all subjects are studied over two years. Students complete two of their HSC subjects by the end of Year 11. By compressing subjects, the stressful periods of HSC exams are spread across both Year 11 and 12 and students are able to focus their efforts on a smaller number of subjects at a time.

We are able to offer a wide range of VET subjects through our Key Alliance program. Where these courses take place off-site, the school provides transportation.

Subjects choices

  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Ancient History
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Community & Family Studies
  • Design & Technology
  • Drama
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1
  • English Extension 2
  • English Studies
  • History Extension
  • Industrial Technology Multimedia
  • Industrial Technology Timber
  • Legal Studies
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • Modern History
  • Music 1
  • Music 2
  • Physics
  • Standard Mathematics
  • Visual Arts

Vocational subjects (VET)

  • Automotive
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Business Services
  • Construction
  • Early Childhood
  • Electrotechnology
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Information & Digital Technology

The compressed curriculum is honestly the best idea when it comes to approaching the HSC. It helped me focus on less subjects at a time and spread out my final exams between year 11 and 12. I believe it gave me a significant advantage in my final years.

Bianca Marchio, Class of 2017, Studying Bachelor of Medical Science at Macquarie University

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