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Fees and Payment Plans

At Nepean Christian School, we are committed to an affordable and accessible education for all students.

As an independent school, we do not receive assistance from any church group or other organisation.

All inclusive fees

Our fee structure is ‘all inclusive’ meaning there are no additional charges. Our fee includes all learning materials such as textbooks, novels, art and technology consumables.

The exceptions are the Year 7 computer levy, and extra-curricular activities such as: the Snow Trip, Band Tour, Duke of Edinburgh etc where participation is voluntary, and the activity does not form part of the curriculum. These activities are charged on a cost basis.

Sibling discounts

We offer generous sibling discounts of 47.5% off the second child’s fees, 72.5% of the third child’s fees and no charge for the fourth and subsequent child at school.

Financial support

We do not offer scholarships or bursaries. However, we recognise that from time to time families face financial hardship. By negotiation with the school, payment plans are able to be structured to ensure that children can continue at NCS through difficult periods. Please talk to or email our Business Manager about any individual circumstances where financial support is needed.

Fee structure for 2021

Year Group 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
Kindergarten – Year 2 $5,910 $3,103 $1,625
Year 3 & 4 $6,010 $3,155 $1,653
Year 5 & 6 $6,110 $3,208 $1,680
Year 7 $7,700 $4,043 $2,118
Year 8 & 9 $7,900 $4,148 $2,173
Year 10 $8,050 $4,226 $2,214
Year 11 & 12 $8,150 $4,279 $2,241

No tuition fees are payable for the fourth and subsequent siblings.

Computer levy (Year 7): $190

Examples of fee calculation

The following examples are given to assist parents in calculating their total fees for the year. The first child in the calculation is always the oldest. The second child is the second oldest and so forth.

Example 1

Eldest child in Year 11, next child in Year 9.
Year 11, 1st child column $8,150
Year 9, 2nd child column $4,148
Total payable $12,298

Example 2

Eldest child in Year 10, second child in Year 7, third child in Year 4.
Year 10, 1st child column $8,050
Year 7, 2nd child column $4,043
Year 4, 3rd child column $1,653
Year 7, computer levy $190
Total payable $13,936

Example 3

Eldest child in Year 9, second child in Year 7, third child in Year 5, fourth child in Year 3.
Year 9, 1st child column $7,900
Year 7, 2nd child column $4,043
Year 5, 3rd child column $1,680
Year 3, 4th child $0
Year 7, computer levy $190
Total payable $13,813

Further information

Fees Supplementary Information Sheet
Direct Debit Authority

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