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About Us

It’s the little things
that set us apart

We are a rich, diverse, K to 12 learning community, where Christian faith permeates all aspects of school life, including how we bring learning to life and in the relationships that we share.

Our heart is to nurture all students, both the academic high-flyer and the student who struggles. Here, all students are loved and valued for who they are, not just what they can do.

Families are at the heart of our school. We believe the relationship between you and your school is pivotal to a child’s growth. We are about developing young men and women to enjoy all of God’s good gifts; to love learning and to work together to build community.

It’s the little things that set us apart, like knowing every child by name and teachers who get to know students as individuals. It’s in the community that’s built on cooperation rather than competition. It echoes in the laughter, the friendships and the engagement.

We believe that these things make us a place of learning like no other.

Dr Cameron Nunn



NCS is committed to being an affordable school. We strive to keep fees at their lowest possible level, knowing that you make significant sacrifices to send your children to the school. At the same time, we are committed to providing your children with the best possible education and facilities in which to learn. This means that we must carefully steward the resources that we have to ensure maximum benefit to students.

The school offers generous sibling discounts of 50% reduction for second child, 75% reduction for third child and no fee for fourth and subsequent children.

Our tuition fee is an ‘all inclusive’ package that includes tuition, sport camps and excursions.

Partnering with parents

The school was established in 1983 by parents to provide a Christian education to ‘honour and empower the right, responsibility and privilege of Christian parents to educate their children’.

Nepean Christian School is also a Christian parent-governed school. We believe that God has trusted you with the joyful responsibility of raising your children in accordance with the truth of scripture. The role of the school is to partner with you, assisting you in this responsibility.

Parents provide governance for the school through the Board and the Association. Current and past parents, grandparents and carers who are able to demonstrate a commitment to the Statement of Faith and the Foundational Statement can apply to become members of the Association.


We value the sense of community that is built around a strong faith and a genuine commitment to care. NCS is large enough to offer the broadest range of subjects but small enough to ensure that no child falls through the cracks. It is a place where the principal knows each child by their name and where parents and teachers address each other on a first name basis. It is a community where parents regularly get together to support one another and grow strong friendships. It is a school where you will be made to feel as welcome as your children.

It’s the kind of place that all schools should be like… It’s just who we are.


As a school we want students to know that there is an exciting world that extends beyond Mulgoa, beyond Western Sydney, beyond Australia. Over the years we have had sister schools in Uganda and Vanuatu, with whom we share deep bonds of friendship. Every year we send all of Year 11 to Vanuatu, to serve for a short period in our sister school, in Port Vila. Every year our sister school sends us their Year 8 students. This reciprocal arrangement broadens students understanding of the world and opens opportunities for international service.

As part of our commitment to thinking beyond our own culture, students begin learning a second language (French) in Kindergarten, which then continues into their high school years.


Our commitment is to grow young men and women with hands equipped to lead and hearts given to serve. From Kindergarten we begin to teach children care and compassion towards one another. Those responsibilities grow, culminating in student-directed and team-based service projects as part of the Senior College program.

Students are encouraged to engage locally through school, church and family as well as serving internationally through our partnerships with our sister schools in Vanuatu.

Despite reaching this point in the page, we may not have answered all your questions. Fortunately, we have a list of answers to all the questions parents often ask us.

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