Puggles Early Learning

Fostering Early Development

Puggles Early Learning Centre is dedicated to providing exceptional care and education for young minds and active bodies,
creating a nurturing environment for children’s growth and development.


Puggles has two rooms, catering for 40 three to five-year-olds each day.  Surrounded by bushland, Nepean Christian School nestles into its woodland setting and Puggles takes advantage of the green space with a large outdoor environment and lots of natural resources. 

Puggles operates under the National Quality Framework influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework.  Our dedicated and experienced educators provide an individualised educational program that aims to meet the diverse needs of all children in a Christian context.

Daily Routine

Christian values, relationships, and play-based learning are at the core of our Early Learning Centre.  Our routines support positive relationships and connections based on attachment theory and the Circle of Security. Our routine incorporates long periods for children to explore, experiment, discover, imagine, and express their ideas in a supportive environment, with educators extending their learning. We also provide intentional group learning experiences to develop character and skills for lifelong learning. Throughout the day, educators engage in meaningful interactions with individuals and groups of children to facilitate investigations centered on children’s unique interests, thoughts, and learning experiences.

Learning Environments

Our program and learning environments evolve in response to children’s interests, ideas, and skills. They promote opportunities for sustained shared thinking and collaborative learning. Our program fosters self-esteem, emotional well-being, communication, and respect for others.  Regular outings to the school extend the children’s learning and support their transition to our school environment.

Family Involvement

There are many ways you can be involved in the Preschool which include;

  • Giving feedback on policies, practices and procedures
  • Providing input in your child’s learning experiences
  • Joining regular excursions
  • Providing resources to the preschool
  • Visits to the preschool to provide part of the learning program

Operating Hours & Fees
Our operating hours are 8:30am-4:30pm for 48 weeks per year. (We close from the last two weeks in December to the first two weeks in January). We are an approved Early Childhood Service, allowing access to government subsidies to help with fee payments.
Our daily fee is offset by the Child Care Subsidy, meaning that parents only pay the gap between the subsidy and the fee. Fees are charged two weeks in advance and payable via direct debit.