Nepean Christian School is a non-selective school that values all students as individual learners. We are committed to nurturing every student regardless of their ability and have learning programs that reflect the diversity of our students.

Community over competition

We believe the relationship between you and your school is pivotal We have high expectations of students and work tirelessly to individualise the curriculum to match the different learning needs of students. However, we do not compare one child’s performance to another. You will never find sticker charts or any other visual display comparing one child’s learning journey to another. We do not give prizes or certificates at assemblies or award nights. At NCS every child is precious in Christ and their journey is unique. To value the learning of one child over another says to the community that the school is only interested in the best and the brightest. For us, we will always encourage community over competition, pushing students to achieve their best, without comparison to others.

Individualised curriculum

Knowing that each child learns differently, we individualise the curriculum to recognise the different points of learning and pace with which children learn.

In primary, this is recognised through small literacy and numeracy groups based on ability.

In high school, we have a 3-tier level system offering additional scaffolded support for level 1, through to extension and enrichment for level 3. Students work at their own pace with the assistance of highly qualified teachers.


Nepean Christian School has an excellent level of support for students with learning and physical needs. Many parents choose NCS because of our reputation for caring for all students. Our support department works closely with teachers and parents to develop individual learning plans for each child. Additional support also occurs through withdrawal and through the use of teacher’s aides within classrooms. We place particular emphasis on the K-2 years, knowing the importance of early intervention.

If your child has learning needs, please talk to us so that we can indicate the level of support that the school can offer.

Extension and enrichment

We are equally committed to stretching our most able students. While this occurs through literacy and numeracy groups, and through the level system, extension and enrichment also occur through individualised learning plans that provide creative and unique opportunities for students to explore new horizons, while still in the company of their peers.

We also offer numerous enrichment activities such as STEM club, science camp, art camp and a range of other activities.