Primary (3-6)

Expanding horizons

Growing maturity is accompanied by growing independence.

Exploring the complexities of their world

Our primary years build on the Christian foundation laid down in the infants program. Students begin to explore the complexities of their world, both its beauty and its brokenness.

They consider their own responsibility and actions as part of that world. There is a deepening understanding of God’s word and the centrality of the gospel to every part of their lives.

They have greater responsibilities in the school. Increase in maturity is accompanied by growing independence.

Literacy and Numeracy

Our primary years are designed to encourage students to investigate and evaluate the world in which they live.

Students continue with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills. Students are grouped into small literacy and numeracy groups according to abilities so that more able students are extended and less able students receive the necessary support.

We continue to emphasise quality teacher time with class sizes capped at 28 for all two-stream classes. Parents continue their rich involvement in class activities.

Putting learning into practice

There is an increasing focus on anchoring learning in real contexts, where students are challenged to put their learning into practice. We call these Slice of Life Adventures (SOLAs).

We believe that students learn best when they are able to engage in opportunities to explore how learning fits into real life.

Music program and co-curricular

Our music program expands to allow all students in Year 4 to be given a concert band instrument and a year’s free tuition. Those who wish to continue learning to play, have the opportunity to become part of the concert band in Year 5. From Year 3 onwards, student can also participate in a variety of other programs including school musicals, interschool sport and co-curricular activities.

Language learning also develops as students enhance their French listening, speaking and writing skills. There are other rich learning opportunities through STEM club, Visual Arts camp and Science camp.