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Nepean Christian School is committed to keeping children safe and secure. Because we are a small school, every child is known by name.

We work hard to build an environment that prioritises the nurture and wellbeing of children.

In the primary school, the class teacher is the first level of support, when things go wrong. Most issues are resolved through that special relationship. We encourage parents to develop close relationships with their child’s teacher to partner in caring for the child.

In high school, all students belong to a pastoral care group, called an Impact Group, that meets each day to support students in their social and faith journey.

In addition, the school has a qualified chaplain and school counsellor. Meetings with the chaplain and counsellor can be booked through the School Office.

The school has high expectations of behaviour from staff, parents and students. Our approach to discipline is built around the acronym WHOK. Students should act Wisely, seek the Happiness of others, be Obedient to what they know is right and act Kindly.

The school sets out Codes of Conduct that outlines the standards of behaviour that we expect of all students, parents and staff. We have a zero-tolerance for bullying.

The school’s Discipline Policy is available to students and parents and forms the basis for managing breaches of the school’s Codes of Conduct. It is a requirement of enrolment that parents and students support the Codes of Conduct and Discipline Policy.

Our goal is to grow students who have confidence and resilience, who empathise with the needs of others and act kindly and justly in every situation.

Student Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct
Staff Code of Conduct
Discipline Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy & Procedures
Child Protection Policy