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Enrolment Overview

Nepean Christian School is an open-enrolment school, which means we enrol students of Christian faith, of other faiths and of no specific faith position, on the understanding that parents recognise that the school will teach from an authentic Christian basis. Our desire is to partner with parents, so it is important that families understand the faith-based position of the school.

Finding out more about the school

The best way to find out more about the school is to book a tour. During a tour, our principal, Dr Cameron Nunn, will show your family around the school and answer your questions. These interviews can take place weekdays, anytime during the term. Contact the school office on (02) 4773 9055 to make an appointment.

We also hold school open mornings with tours one Saturday per term.

Kindergarten enrolments

The best time to discuss a possible Kindergarten enrolment is 9-18 months out from the starting year. The school will organise a ‘school-readiness’ check to ensure children have the skills necessary to start school well. We can also make suggestions for preparing your child for Kindergarten.

As we only take a maximum of 24 students in each Kindergarten class, applications can exceed places. For that reason, we would encourage parents to secure their enrolment early.

Year 7 enrolments

As we are a K-12 school, most students move from Year 6 to Year 7. This means that there are only ever a limited number of spaces in Year 7. Parents considering enrolling their child in Year 7 should consider applying some years ahead and where available, securing a place as soon as it is available in primary school.

What to bring to a tour or interview

There is no need to bring anything to a school tour (although we encourage children to be present as well as parents). If there are significant learning needs, any medical advice helps us to make an assessment of what support can be offered by the school.

If you choose to lodge an application, you will need to provide: a birth certificate, your child’s last two reports (where applicable), NAPLAN reports (where applicable), and any other relevant information such as medical reports, visas etc. Our interview is a friendly ‘get-to-know-you’ discussion. It is not a series of academic tests.

I’m ready to enrol